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PERFORMANCE CONDITIONG CIRCUIT is a 45 minute circuit training where we focus on muscle endurance, strength, agility and stability. Our own body weight, stability balls, TRX, RMT Club bats, and more are resistance tools during the class.

For who: Everyone who wants to become stronger, agile, burn fat and improve cardio respiratory fitness. It is a great class for sports the ones who play tennis, golf, soccer and other sports.


BODYCOMBAT (Les Mills ™)is a 55 minute high intensity workout based on martial arts; kickboxing, karate, mma and capoeira. It is a non-contact workout on music and is also known as a modern version of Tae Bo or Cardio Kickboxing. This workout tones your arms, legs, back, shoulders and provides phenomenal core training. Bodycombat is a Les Mills program (like BodyPump) and your instructor is a certified Les Mills BodyCombat instructor.

For who: Everyone who want to burn calories in a safe and effective manner. It is an intense workout but can be done with safety options (no jumps or deep squats). During a class you burn 500-700 calories.


BODYSHAPE is a 60 minute medium intensity workout based on old school low impact basic aerobics. The goal is to burn calories and tone the legs, bottom and strengthen the core. Bodyshape starts with a warm-up, followed by 30 minutes of cardio conditioning (aerobics) and finishes with 20 minutes of ab-legs and bottom floor exercises. 

For who: All levels and ages. During a class you burn 400-600 calories.


FATBURNING STEPS is a 60 minute medium-high intensity workout. The step is used for basic and medium level aerobics steps moves. The step is also a tool for muscle conditioning - and metabolic exercises. It is a great total body workout.

For who: All levels and ages. During a class you burn 500-700 calories. It is less suitable for people who have knee or back difficulties.


BOXING BOOTCAMP is a fun & effective workout that takes places in the exercise room and outside in the nature. A brief description:

45 minutes duration

·       fun

·       train with a buddy

·       overall endurance / cardio

·       muscle endurance (especially core & legs + bottom)

·       speed

·       agility

·       stability

·       high calorie burn: 500-600 per session all ages from beginner to athlete but less suitable for people who have back and/or knee difficulties, because Bootcamp has high impact elements.

We jog, run, jump, make push-ups, squat, burpees, lunge, throw punches, etc. This military style of training is fun and effective for participants of all ages.