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What is padel?


Padel is an exciting sport that is excelling in popularity around the globe, especially Portugal. It is mostly played on a professional level in Spain, Argentina and Brasil, Spain currently being the leader of this new sport's development.
It is a doubles game, very easy to learn, and is accessible to players of all levels. It can be said to be a combination of squash and tennis, as this is what it is most commonly compared to. This sport requires good coordination and communication between the players, as much so at the net as towards the back of the court, as the game consists of a lot of fast movement and teamwork. The court is much smaller than a tennis court and is surrounded by glass walls, which serve as part of the game.

With our excellent and qualified padel coaches, we can teach you how to play padel in less than an hour. The great thing about this sport is that it is equal to all; adults can play with children, and women can play against men.

-We have all the equipment for rent that you need right here at the clubhouse.

-On a regular basis, we hold club tournaments for club members and guests. These tournaments are run on different levels in order for players to play against players of their own level.

-Padel levels are from 4 up to 1, 1 being for the best players and 4 for beginners.

-At our club we have 3 open-air padel courts, available for rent all day. 

If you are a PADEL PLAYER already and are looking for a game, check with our sports reception and we will gladly accommodate you.


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