As of Feb 1st 2022, ATF will offer a new sports activity to our members and guests. RACKET-GOLF is a new craze, played on our FOOT-GOLF course, where the aim is the get a golf ball, with the aid of a racket and a putter, in the hole with as few swings/strokes a possible.

On the tee, you start with a light golf ball and a racket. With an underarm serves swing, you get the ball as close as you can to the green. You walk to the ball, pick it up and swing again - until your ball is ON the green. At this point, you exchange the light golf ball for a normal golf ball and the racket for a putter. You now putt the ball in the hole. Easy and simple (or not!) and A LOT OF FUN!

This sport can be played by anyone and is an ideal activity for the whole family, at birthday parties, for stag- and hen-parties, at company events for golfers etc.

Also great idea to combine an 18 holes round with 9 holes of foot-golf and 9 holes of racket-golf.

ATF - the only place in Algarve, where you have this opportunity!

Wear good sports sneakers (no studs or spikes) – otherwise all equipment is offered by ATF as a part of the “green-fee”. Deposit for covering the equipment, which will be returned upon “bringing back” the loaned equipment.


Racket-Golf Prices

9 holes €10
18 holes €14






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