Membership Benefits

Become a member of Algarve Tennis and Fitness today!

Here's why:

  • Free tennis court use – subject to booking
  • 50% discount on padel-tennis court use 
  • Booking of Preferred Court Time (PCT) – subject to availability
  • 15% discount on lessons 
  • 20% discount on “group programmes”
  • Free use of swimming pool, play ground, table,etc.
  • 15% discount on purchases of clothes, shoes and rackets in the pro-shop, issued as a voucher against further purchases
  • Newsletter per e-mail
  • Specially arranged introduction classes for "other activities"
  • Running of weekly tab
  • Being a member of an exciting and growing club!

Membership Prices

SEASONAL MEMBERSHIP (3 MONTHS) 65% off annual membership cost


An example:

You are an adult annual member. You “play and buy” as follows:

  1. You play with a friend once a week
  2. You buy a racket every 3 years (1/3 per year)
  3. You buy a tennis outfit once a year (top and bottom)
  4. You buy 1 pair of tennis shoes per year
  5. You have 5 lessons over the year
  6. You part-take in 1 group programme per week
You've just SAVED € 750!

Note:All new members must provide the club with a “doctor’s statement”, saying that the new member is fit to play tennis.

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At ATF, we have something for everyone and with our fantastic membership rates you and your family can enjoy the Algarve's best sports facility throughout the year. Only here for a few months? Then sign up for our Seasonal Membership package TODAY! Come and have FUN, whilst keeping FIT at Algarve's premier sports facility.

Algarve sports for all!

There's a sport for everyone in your family to enjoy at AFT! Don't delay...get fit today!

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